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Jobs in Singapore for Indians

Jobs in Singapore for Indians or foreigners are plentiful. It is a thriving economy and qualified workers from around the world are needed to fill positions. Certainly information technology jobs abound. From management, to operations, to analysis and technicians, new workers are needed at all levels of employment.

If you are from India, then you have just as good a chance of getting a job in Singapore as anyone else in the world. What sets most workers apart for jobs in Singapore for Indians, are the qualifications that a person brings. If you have the education necessary for the position, a company will take a serious look at your application. If you have a number of years experience in the job as well, then you will be an outstanding candidate.

A part of the culture for jobs in Singapore for Indians that you may not be aware of, is in the area of the arts. This is an ever-increasing area that spans many industries. This culture appreciates art and understands the need for highly creative people to continue the forward movement of their economy. Art of all kinds is needed and looked upon as valuable. Digital art, paintings, writing, mixed media and architecture are all vital aspects of the art world here in Singapore.

The last ten years in Singapore has seen a dramatic rise in their economy. A reflection of this is a government sponsored, annual international art expo, called Art Singapore. It has been presented, during the month of October every year, since the year 2000. Art Singapore has attracted thousands of people, from around the globe. Every year the numbers of participants and visitors to the event, increases greatly.

Jobs in Singapore for Foreigners

Singaporeans understand everything is about dollars and cents. Every action needs to have a profitable reaction, for many Singaporeans to be interested in it. This is a sophisticated culture, which knows about the high yields art can provide, when viewed as an investment. Jobs in Singapore for foreigners will reflect this fact.

Singaporeans believe that basically, when you invest in a work of art, you are investing in the potential and future growth of the artist. This concept is part of what propels this vibrant culture forward. Singaporeans know the value of an investment works in concert with the recognition of the artist.

As the artist’s reputation grows, so will the value of the art pieces that you have acquired. It seems it is relatively easy for an artist to become fairly famous, as South East Asia is a booming area of growth in many ways. Some collectors, who purchased art at earlier Art Singapore expos, have reported thousand percentage returns on their investment.

For example; a painting that was bought for $800 dollars in 2001 was sold for $10,000 dollars at auction. If you are an artist, curator or investor of art, then you may want to check out the many websites dedicated to serving the art community in this region. Many times you can find a company that will give you a tour of the region. The tour will focus on taking you to some of the best spots to view and buy artwork.

Singapore: Indian Movie

Another area of art that Indians have long been a part of is film. The 1960 Bollywood film Singapore was one of the first Bollywood films to be shot in Singapore, and, ironically, it even depicts an Indian man “Ramesh” going to Singapore for a job!

If you are in the field of education, as well as, being an artist, then this country wants you. There are a tremendous number of jobs in Singapore for Indians that are interested in becoming teachers of art. You should be able to find many teaching jobs listed in Singapore for Indians, and a huge percentage of them are for art.

Being certified to teach as an art instructor is important. Having a great portfolio is fine, but employers want to know that you can pass along your knowledge. They want to know that your skill as an artist can be verbally translated to your students. Being certified will identify you as someone who can teach art skills, as well as, apply them.

If you have a lot of experience as a teacher and designer, then a career as an art director may be right for you. Essentially, art directors for large corporations are managers of the creative areas of the company. In many ways, this position can be freer in its’ structure but more demanding in terms of expectations.

IT Jobs in Singapore for Indians

Digital art design and advertising is an absolute must for businesses today. The company needs people who can come up with effective and memorable ad campaigns. These creative types are given a lot of reign in how they accomplish their task. The outcome however, needs to be good, really good. The area of creative digital design is explosive. It has a long future in front of it but many fluctuations. New software and new advertising outlets are being formed all the time. You really need to be on top of many elements to compete in this area of business.

As a contrast to say, accounting, where the emphasis is on the process. The numbers must add up. If they do not, then they will look at how the adding up of the numbers was done. However, if the ad campaign is unsuccessful, the higher-ups will be critical of things less tangible. They will go to the manager to find out what went wrong. That is a huge responsibility and one that needs a large amount of experience for.

For those without as much experience or for Indians who are fresh out of school and adventurous, there are positions that require very little experience. Essentially “learn on the job” types of positions. With so many teacher cut backs in the U. S. This could be a fabulous opportunity.

In many ways, there has never been a better time to travel, work or become educated, than right now. As a young person starting out or a mature person looking for a positive change, the area’s economy and vivacious way of life is exactly what a lot of people are looking for. However, you’ll want to do some research first. The jobs in Singapore for Indians are there for you. So you’ll want to make sure the trip is productive and as memorable as you can make it.

Jobs in Singapore for Indians