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Singapore is one the most developed economies in South East Asia, in the group commonly called the Asian Tigers. The standards of living in this city-state are quite high, with a good number of its citizens possessing disposable incomes that have seen unparalleled growth in the hotel industry in recent years. Hotel jobs in Singapore are therefore the aspiration of both foreigners and Singaporeans alike.

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There are various jobs in this sector. One can apply to be a housekeeper in the various hotels to be found in the country. There are also jobs pertaining to graduate traineeship that are nowadays quite popular here. But perhaps the biggest category of jobs in the hospitality industry is those directly related to the operations of hotels. These are positions to do with the cooking and serving of food, for instance, junior chef de partie, specialist chef, cook, server, kitchen assistant, waiter or waitress among many others.

There are also jobs to do with the various drinks, their preparations and services. These include bartender jobs, bar supervisor, as well as food and beverage customer service personnel. These jobs form the professional caliber of jobs in the hotel industry in Singapore, as they do elsewhere. As the core jobs in most hotels, they are to be found advertised through corporate websites and also via reputable sites owned and operated by credible employment agencies all over the country.

There is yet another category of jobs to be found in this sector. These are jobs that complement the core business of the various establishments. These positions include general operational and managerial positions as well as security-related postings. Whereas these do not form the core or specialist facets in this industry, they are also quite important in helping organizes both human and non-human resources for the attainment of various goals of each hotel or hospitality establishment. Some of these positions are, for instance, hotel general manager, food and restaurant manager, food supervisor, operations manager of various specialists delicacies for instance, Chinese, Indian, English or American foods sub-departments in a hotel.

Sales executives, food and beverage and customer service positions, communications manager, hotel sales manager, guest and reservations manager, receptionists and administrative assistants all fall into this category of work. Hotel management jobs in Singapore are also highly sought after. There also jobs like those of revenue management, finance and accounts officers and managers as well as casino operators. Another job that may remotely connect to hotels is that of an architect. But it is a major concern of hotels that their design, the ambience, business location, and the general aesthetics of an establishment be right to attract the right caliber of guests. Only an architect can do that.

It is important to bear in mind the various terms of employment in Singapore. There are part-time, more like temp employment opportunities and full-time service jobs. It also becomes crucial to understand the requirements of the job you are looking for. For instance, as a chef or cook, depending on the designation by a particular hotel, you would be required to prepare the various types of foods. Most established hotels would require you to have worked for not less than five years in a previous, similar role. The academic requirements for a cook would be 12th grade pass and have graduated with a certificate in your specific field of operation.

On the other hand, a service crew job for a restaurant will require that you work in the F and B section of the restaurant either as a services supervisor, a waiter, waitress or general kitchen crew. This involves hard work and your general amiability will matter a lot. A good diploma is a clear advantage when seeking for this kind of a job. You will also need a good command of the English language.

A hotel hostess is required to welcome the guests and provide them with any information they request about their stay. In short, a hostess is the guide who ensures guests find their tables and their various requests are met. Females are outright more preferred here. She has a host of responsibilities and the performance with which she goes about her task is central to the perception of hospitality that guests take with them when they eventually leave the premises.

The growth of the hotel industry in this busy Far East metropolis has confounded even the most optimistic of pundits. The growth can be directly attributed to the modern infrastructure around the city that means many multinationals looking to get a footing in Far East countries are more than willing to invest here. This in turn means there is always a large number of visiting business executives looking for some form of accommodation and hospitality. This level of demand has seen investors fall over themselves in a rush to invest in this sector to cash in on the boom.

The unprecedented growth of the industry has as well seen the players in the industry strive to improve wages in order to attract the best talent from the region as well as the international market. Today, the wages and salaries paid out to workers in the Singaporean hospitality sector rival the very best in the world. It is an attraction that has drawn many to the tiny Island state with a great promise. Regardless of the culture one is drawn from in on the globe, there is a chance that they will find it easy to fit in this truly global village city.

Since most of the clients served in the high class hotels as well as restaurants are drawn from all parts of the world, the need to communicate effectively is a definite plus for anyone seeking a job in Singapore. Ability to speak effectively in one or more of the international languages like English or French is required before one is employed in many of the establishments. This may mean that in addition to the professional qualifications that one has in the area of their choice, they may need to demonstrate other skills. Proficiency in one or a couple of these languages will suffice in convincing employers that you are suitably qualified to take on the vacancy.

Hotel Jobs in Singapore
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