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Jobs in Singapore for Freshers

Jobs in Singapore for freshers can be a challenge to come by, especially given the massive student population in Singapore already. International freshers can certainly find work in Singapore; their challenge will be networking efficiently and competing against all of the other international applicants. However, the best, most talented, most enthusiastic freshers will easily be able to find jobs in Singapore, and will be able to enjoy an exciting and invigorating start their careers and further learning.

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Freshers from all over the world love to work in exotic locations; Singapore is one of the premier destinations for a variety of reasons. In addition to being exotic compared to the UK and USA, Singapore is a fantastic place to get exposed to Asian business cultures, build international contacts and networks, and so on.

Singapore is also fantastic place to live and work, with cheap food, drinks, a relaxed social environment, the zest and hum of an international business hub, and plenty of opportunities for assertive and entrepreneurial young freshers to succeed in life.

Obviously, the choice of what fields of study one undergoes will significantly affect your chance of succeeding as a fresher in Singapore. Finding a job as a fresher in Singapore can be easy in some fields, particularly those of international finance, commerce, banking, and IT. More challenging to be finding work as an international fresher in Singapore if your degree is in something like the liberal arts, philosophy, medicine, hospitality, or construction.

In regards to these latter avenues of study, there is already a massive amount of competition both locally and internationally in these fields. Unless at the very top of your academic charts, and thus being in a position where you are being headhunted by organisations, there is less chance of succeeding in these fields in Singapore. Instead, it might be advisable to consider completing one’s entire degree and making a career move to Singapore, rather than going over as a fresher and potentially having to compete against other graduates with more experience and connections.

We strongly recommend visiting Singapore before making a permanent decision about whether to work in Singapore as a fresher or not. Regardless of which country you’re from, it should be easy to arrange a terrorists these are for up to 30 days travel in Singapore, which will be easily enough time to make sure you like the place and the people. There’s no harm in trying before you buy; especially with something as important as an employment related decision.

Although it doesn’t seem like something that deserves a great deal of attention, making sure you actually like the country before moving their surprising amount of weight on all sorts of jobs that you could put up with what working in Singapore as a fresher.

If you genuinely love the place, then you be more likely to be able to handle the low-level, relatively menial jobs that freshers tend to get given, especially when only starting out in their careers. If Singapore is not really the place for you, then you would properly want a more challenging and rewarding job, otherwise, some other country may suit your needs better.

If you do decide that Singapore is the best place for you to work as a fresher, then we suggest personal networking is going to be the most effective way of finding a reasonable job. This means using what time you have available under your tourist visa and contacting organisations, in person, face-to-face, and let them know you’re interested and available for work. At the same time, we recommend using any professional contacts or university or education provider may be able to give you.

This is the most effective method because it lets you compete against the faceless international applicants, who will almost certainly be applying over the Internet. In person applications show more initiative and are generally more impressive for employers; the fact that you have actually come out to Singapore in order to meet them speaks highly of your commitment and enthusiasm, as well as showing initiative, all qualities which are very attractive to employers hiring freshers for jobs in Singapore.

We wish you all the best of luck in finding the best fresher job in Singapore. Remember, make most use of any professional contacts the University has, deal with employers in person wherever possible, and even if you don’t succeed, build and maintain networks that will serve you well for your professional career.

Jobs in Singapore for Freshers
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